Tang, Xiaoyang

Address: Tsinghua University, Mingzhai 320, Beijing 100084, China  

Phone: (86)10-62771531   (86)186-18386456  


The New School for Social Research, New York, USA               Jan. 2005 –May 2011

Ph.D. Philosophy Department

University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany                          Oct.1999 – July 2004                                                           

Magister (equivalent to M.A.) in Philosophy                                      

Fudan University, Shanghai, China                                  Sept. 1993 – July 1997                            

Bachelor in International Business Management

Full-time Work Experience

Tsinghua University, Beijing                                October 2012-present

Associate Professor, Department of International Relations

(Assistant Professor before November 2014)

International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington D.C.   July 2011-October 2012

Senior Research Assistant

Other Positions

Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, Beijing               June 2013-present

Resident Scholar

Sister Cities International, Washington D.C.                   April 2012-March 2014

Consultant for “Sino-African Initiative”

Management System International, Washinton D.C.               Feb. 2010 – June 2010

Associate for China Governance Analysis, funded by USAID

The World Bank , Washington D.C.                                Oct. 2009 –Jan. 2010

Short-term Consultant, International Trade Department


China-Africa Economic Diplomancy and Its Implication to Global Value Chain, (In Chinese)

                               World Knowledge Publishers Beijing, September 2014    

Selected Peer reviewed Journal Articles:

 “Going Global in Groups: China’s Special Economic Zones Overseas”. With Deborah Brautigam,World Development,Vol. 63, pp.78-91,                    November 2014     

“Models of Chinese Engagement in Africa’s Extractive Sectors and Their Implications”, Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, 56:2, London, UK pp. 27-30,                               

                                                                             February 2014                                       

“Zhongguo Dui Feizhou Nongye Yuanzhu Xingshi De Yanbian Jiqi Xiaoguo” [The Transformation and Effects of Chinese Agricultural Aid to Africa] in Shijie Jingji Yu Zhengzhi [World Economics And Politics], 2013.5, Beijing China, pp.4-18,     May 2013

“Economic statecraft in China’s new overseas special economic zones: soft power, business or resource security? With Deborah Brautigam, International Affairs 88: 4, Oxford, UK, pp. 799-816,                                                            July 2012

“African Shenzhen: China’s Special Economic Zones in Africa”, with Deborah Brautigam, The Journal of Modern African Studies, Vol 49 No. 1,  pp 27-54            January 2011

“Zhongguo Zai Feizhou de Jingmao Hezuoqu Fazhan Qianxi” [A Brief Analysis of China’s Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones in Africa], Xiya Feizhou [West Asia and Africa]: A Journal of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China, pp. 17-22    November 2010

“Zhongguo-Angela Jingji Hezuo Xinmoshi de Yingxiang yu Tiaozhan” [The influence and challenge of the new Sino-Angola economic cooperation model], Xiya Feizhou [West Asia and Africa]: A Journal of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China, pp. 55-61                                               

July 2010

“Bulldozer or Locomotive – the impact of Chinese enterprises on the local employment market in Angola”, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Vol 45 No. 3, pp. 350-368,     Boston, USA,                                                                      June 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

“China’s Engagement in African Agriculture”, with Deborah Brautigam, China Quarterly, Vol 199, Cambridge, UK, pp. 686-706                               September 2009

Selected Other Publications

The Impact of Asian Investment on Africa’s Textile Industries, Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy (http://carnegietsinghua.org/publications/?fa=56320)           August 2014

Investissements chinois dans l’industrie textile tanzanienne et zambienne”,Afrique Contemporaine, Vol 250 pp.119-136 (法语)                                    2014

“Coopération agricole chinoise en Afrique subsaharienne”, with Jean-Jacques Gabas, Perspective :Stratégies de Dévelopment, No. 26                         February 2014

“Export of Chinese Housing Model”, in The China Lab Guide to Megablock Urbanisms, Columbia University GSAPP,                                                         2014

Discussion Paper “An Overview of Chinese Agricultural and Rural Engagement in Tanzania”, with Deborah Brautigarm, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), No. 01214, Washington DC, USA                                              October 2012

Discussion Paper “An Overview of Chinese Agricultural and Rural Engagement in Ethiopia”, with Deborah Brautigarm, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), No. 01185, Washington DC, USA                                                 May 2012

“Wenhua Chongtu Shiyezhong de Landuo yu Qinfen”[Laziness and Diligence Through the Viewpoint of Cultural Conflicts], in Wenhua Shiye [Beijing Cultural Review] , pp 47-49

                                                                 August 2011

“China’s Investment in Africa’s Special Economic Zones”, with Deborah Brautigarm, in Thomas Farole and Gokhan Akinci, eds, Special Economic Zones: Progress, Emerging Challenges, and Future Directions The World Bank, Washington, DC, USA pp.69-100  2011

Field Research Projects

Assessing Impact of Asian Investments on Southeast Africa’s Cotton-Textile-Clothing Value Chain                                                                     July –August 2013

US-Africa-China Trilateral Sister Cities Collaboration in Nigeria, Kenya and Malawi

                                                                    December 2012-prensent         

Asian Impact on Ethiopia’s Leather Value Chain                              June-July 2012

Chinese Agricultural Engagements in Tanzania and Ethiopia             Sept. and Nov. 2011

Asian economic engagements in Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria)                                                     May-Aug. 2009, June-July 2010

Comparing Social Development in Iraq Before and After the War             June-Aug. 2008

Foreign Investments in Post-Conflict African Countries (Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo)                                                                    June-Dec, 2007

Research Grants

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FOCAC Research Grant                     2014-2015

Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, Research Grant                      2013-2015

Boell Foundation, Research Grants for Chinese African researchers                2013-2014

Tsinghua University Research Grant                                              2012-2013

The City University of New York, Adjunct Professional Development Funds            2010