Tsinghua University President Dr. Qiu Yong visits Department of International Relations, meets with First Cohort of the Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins Dual Degree Masters Program in Global Politics and Economics (TDSM)

August 25, 2015, Tsinghua – The Department of International Relations welcomed its first cohort of the the Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins SAIS Dual Degree Masters Program in Global Politics and Economics (TDSM).

These 18 students are an impressive group. Several students graduated top in their class from elite universities and/or have extensive work experience from influential institutions, including the World Bank, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Clinton Global Initiative and others. Some students have already published several commentaries on issues of current foreign affairs and others placed well in academic competitions.  The energy and enthusiasm to begin this exciting academic journey was shared throughout the group at registration, and will surely lead to strong friendships and exciting, constructive dialogue in the classroom.

Tsinghua President Dr. Qiu Yong, together with Vice President Dr. Shi Zongkai, was also present at the registration to personally welcome the students and express his well-wishes and high expectations for the dual-degree program.  Dr. Qiu encouraged the students to help each other succeed, to learn from each other and to take advantage of the Tsinghua-SAIS partnership to advance personal growth and mutual cultural understanding.

The Tsinghua-SAIS Dual Degree Master’s Program is the first dual degree master’s program focused on global politics and economics run cooperatively by Chinese and U.S. institutions of higher education. As an opportunity for students to develop a sophisticated understanding of international affairs and law, the curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary breadth, a solid foundation in economics, and rigorous understanding of key world regions. After graduation, students will be familiar with Sino-U.S. political and economic systems, gain in-depth knowledge of various parts of the world, and grasp advanced analytical techniques. They will be prepared to actively participate in global governance, while at the same time contributing significantly towards China’s development. After fulfilling the degree requirements of both universities, students will be granted two master’s degrees, a Master of Law degree from Tsinghua University’s Law School and a Master of Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University’s SAIS.

The application process is now open for the second class.

Tsinghua President Dr. Qiu greets newly enrolled student and World Bank alum Yera Park.

Newly enrolled student Kyle Kessler, from the US.


Newly enrolled student Kevin Toda, from Canada


The first cohort of dual-degree program with faculty members and Tsinghua President Dr. Qiu