Chinese Economic Diplomacy

Chinese Economic Diplomacy is an annual publication aimed at helping Chinese and foreign government, academic and business circles to better understand developments in Chinese economic diplomacy.  The publication’s primary contents include annual economic diplomacy developments including the areas of international financial cooperation, trade in goods and services, technology trade, capital inflows, foreign investment, international aid, customs taxes and tariffs; the international market, including the international economy and trade, international capital markets, enterprise mergers, international markets for goods and services; bi-lateral and multi-lateral economic diplomacy; the Chinese economy and consumer markets; Chinese economic reform and economic and trade policy; Chinese economic law; Chinese firms challenges, frictions and conflict resolution in international markets; recent Changes in WTO regulations; Chinese firms’ international risk and economic security assessment; economic forecasts; etc.  As an annual publication Chinese Economic Diplomacy provides key information to assist governments in better formulating economic policies, businesses to better plan their strategies, and researchers to better understand the Chinese economy and its relations with the global economy. 

Chinese Economic Diplomacy comprehensively introduces economic diplomacy by providing history, data, statistical analysis, as well as comprehensive and detailed assessments.  Chinese Economic Diplomacy is published annually in June by the Center for Economic Diplomacy, which is housed in the Department of International Relations.