Zhang Lihua, Professor

Director of Research Center for China-EU Relations

Institute of International Relations

Tsinghua University



Phone: 8610-62788801



Work Experience

Tsinghua University: 1994.8 ~present

Party School of CCP in Liaoning Province: 1982.9~1991.8.


Education Background

PhD: Department of International Politics, Peking University (1991.9~1994.7)

BA: Department of History, Liaoning University (1978.9~1982.7)


Visiting and Fellowships

Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). (1997.9~1998.9)

Visiting Scholar at the Maison des Sciences de I'Homme, Paris (2006,1~2006.2)

Guest Researcher at the Institute of Social Development and Policy of National Seoul University. (2008-9~2009.3)


Main Research Fields

Political Theory

China-EU Relations

Contemporary Chinese Politics

Contemporary Chinese Culture and Diplomacy



Monographic Study In the contemporary Chinese politics (Postgraduate)

Modern History of International Relations (Undergraduate)

Contemporary Political Ideology Trend in the West (Undergraduate)

Democratic Theories and Practice (Undergraduate)



Has published more than 50 academic articles and 4 academic works.


“The Yugoslavian Self-Government Socialist Theory”, China Social Science Press, 2002.

“Market Economy and Democratic”, Democracy Development Press, 2002.

” The Way to Rule of Law and Democracy with Chinese Characteristics”, China Social Science Press, 2006.

” Political Ideology Trend In the West”, Intellectual Property Rights Press, 2018.

Edited Volumes

“China-EU Relations”, China Social Science Press, 2012.

“Chinese Culture and Diplomacy”, Intellectual Property Rights Press, 2013.

“The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and China-EU Relations”, Intellectual Property Rights Press, 2013.

“The Cultural Diplomacy between China and the EU and Its Influence”, Intellectual Property Rights Press, 2014.

“Culture and Soft Power in China, the US and Europe”, Intellectual Property Rights Press, 2015.


Research Projects

The Principal Investigator for the following research programs:

“Theory of Socialist Autonomy in Yugoslavia” (National Social Sciences Fund of China, 1996-1999);

“Market Economy and Democracy” (Beijing Social Science Fund, 1996-2000); 

“The Way to Rule of Law and Democracy with Chinese Characteristics” (Beijing Social Science Fund, 2003-2004); 

 “How China’s Core Value Affects Chinese Foreign Policies”, (Tsinghua-Carnegie Center for Global Policy Fund, 2011-2012);

 “The Impact of Differences in Cultural Values on Sino-EU Relations”, (Tsinghua-Carnegie Center for Global Policy Fund, 2012-2013);

 “Comparative Study on the Cultural Diplomacy of China, US and EU”, (Tsinghua-Carnegie Center for Global Policy Fund, 2013-2014);

“A Cultural Interpretation of the Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics”, (Tsinghua-Carnegie Center for Global Policy Fund,2015-2016);

“Progress and Challenges of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative in Europe”, (Tsinghua-Carnegie Center for Global Policy Fund, 2017-2018).