Liu Jiangyong is Professor of International Relations at the Institute of International Studies , Tsinghua University. He gained his B.A.of Japanese from Beijing Foreign Language University in 1979, and received his M.A. of international relations degree from China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) in1987, then he Attended Ph.D courses at Waseda University in 1988 and received his Ph.D of international relations degree from the Institute of International Studies , Tsinghua University in 2005.

From 1979 to1992 he served as research fellow in CICIR . From 1992 to 1999 he was research professor and Director of Division for Northeast Asian Studies, CICIR . From 1999 to 2003 he served as senior fellow in Central Office of Foreign Affairs People's Republic of China.

He was awarded as 'young and middle age expert with outstanding achievements" in 1994 by China Personnel Ministry. His research focuses on Japanese Political and Foreign Policy, International Relations in Asia Pacific region. His Major Books: Japan at the Turn of the Century (1995), Biography of Ryutaro Hashimoto (1996). Major papers: Changes of Economic Cooperation in the Pacific Basin : From the View Point of Chinese (which won the 1987 Encouragement Prize of Association for Promotion of International Cooperation). Building a Multilateral Security Dialogu e Mechanism in the Pacific (In Pacific Economic Papers, Australian-Japanese Research Center , Australian National University , No. 235, Sept).