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Graduate Courses in English


Compulsory Public Courses

Chinese Culture and Society 60610082 2 Credits Exam
Chinese Language for Beginners* 70510602 2 Credits Exam

*: You can take other levels of Chinese courses depending on your language proficiency level. There is an entrance exam organized by the University to decide on your language level.


Compulsory Training Programs and Courses

Master’s Thesis Proposal 69990021 1 Credit Review
Academic Activities 69990031 1 Credit Review
Orientation Program 80613812 2 Credits Review
Research Design and Writing (3rd Semester) 80700242 2 Credits Exam


Elective Courses Offered by the Department

(Elective courses are not limited to the following listing. Check with the assistant what graduate-level English courses are offered before you select courses)

Course Name Course Code Credits
Classical Chinese Thought on Foreign Relations 80615412 2 Credits
Arms Control and Security Studies 80615102 2 Credits
China and Developing Countries 80700212 2 Credits
China and India’s Regional Diplomacy 80615232 2 Credits
Comparative Politics 70611582 2 Credits
Contemporary U.S-China Relations 80615152 2 Credits
Contemporary Theories in International Politics 70612872 2 Credits
Democratization and China in Comparative Perspective 70613002 2 Credits
European International Relations and Sino- European Relations 80615592 2 Credits
Introduction to Chinese Politics 80700272 2 Credits
International and Comparative Political Economy 70612722 2 Credits
Political Economy of Development 80700122 2 Credits
Public Diplomacy: Global and Comparative Perspectives 80615242 2 Credits
Principles of Area Studies 80615162 2 Credits
Research Methods in International Relations 70612902 2 Credits
Seminar on Critical Issues and Global Governance 80615262 2 Credits
Theory and Practice of Chinese Foreign Policy 80615112 2 Credits